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Do more with your data.

Do data-driven marketing.

Identify new demand opportunities, optimize conversion and marketing spend and increase revenue.

DigginData Services:

Demand analysis services

Identify new demand and growth opportunities using our data insights

We’ll help you identify new demand opportunities by analyzing external demand data (millions of flight searches). On top of that, we build segments relevant for your markets and help you proactively identify key trends and opportunities. For airlines that want to go even further, we’ll connect external demand data with your internal data (flight search & booking data, advertising data) to create actionable insights to improve your business.

Airline business application: demand planning, revenue management, ecommerce, digital marketing

You can find our insights and examples of agile analytics in action here >>

Reach out for a live hands-on demo of our airline demand dashboard here >>

Conversion optimization services

Increase your conversion rate with our patented airline framework

A typical mid-sized airline has more than 30 million yearly visitors, yet only 3 to 5% of them usually convert and complete the booking process. But do you know what happens to the 95% that don’t convert? Do you know why and where they leave your booking funnel?

Imagine what would happen if you could understand that and increase your conversion by just 10%. That would mean 150,000 additional bookings for an average airline. Not bad, right? Now think about the same math for a large airline with hundreds of millions of yearly visitors.

Airline business application: ecommerce, UX, digital optimization, digital marketing

Reach out to see how we can help you increase your conversion rate and get more out of your traffic.

Specialized consulting and proof-of-concepts

We'll help you show the value and ROI of your data and analytics

We’ll show you the value and ROI of your data and analytics

Do you want to know how to get more out of your data? Go from reactive to proactive, or even predictive? You’ve heard artificial intelligence and machine learning are the way to go, but don’t know how to start or how to show the ROI to your management and IT teams?

We’ll help you build your advanced analytics and AI proof of concept on real data in a short time (1-2 months).

Airline business application: management analytics, digital marketing, revenue management, IT, CRM

Reach out to learn more about our consulting options.

Still not sure? This is how we work.

Why DigginData?

We are a unique blend of hierarchical and vertical expertise. On one hand, we provide you with ecommerce, digital optimization, digital marketing and advanced analytics expertise. But it's not only that – we also have in-depth airline industry know-how and more than 10 years of experience in the areas of ecommerce, marketing and revenue management.

Are we an agency?


We're a team of experts:

  • ecommerce and digital expert
  • analytics and data science expert
  • project manager and UX/CRO expert

With us, you get a dedicated team to work on your project. Think of it as an external SWOT team. Because we are a small and hands-on team, we move fast.

We provide niche expertise, so we only do a select number of projects each year; however, when we do choose a project, we are "all-in" on that project.

How can you optimize your business by using DigginData?

We'll help you apply a data-driven approach depending on your needs and focus. If you want to increase demand and optimize your customer acquisition, we'll dig into demand data. If you want to increase conversion rate and improve your UX, we'll apply our conversion optimization framework to do that.

Also, if you're on the business side and you’re struggling to get support from your IT team to get more out of your data, we can consult and do fast proofs of concept so you can show value and get support.

See our services description on the top of this page for more detail.

Can I see any examples, case studies or even a demo?

Yes, sure. If you want to see examples of our data and the insights we can provide you with, we'll be happy to do a short demo for you.

Sometimes before bigger projects, we also do a 1- to 2-day workshop to explain our process, show examples and better understand your challenges and how your team works.

See examples of agile travel analytics in action here >>

Where is the ROI/value?

It's proven that a data-driven approach works. Typically, we provide value in the following areas:

  • decreasing customer acquisition cost (CAC) by optimizing demand, advertising and other data;
  • increasing conversion rate by analyzing booking funnel and customer research data;
  • reducing risk and cost of your data and machine learning investments by doing agile proof of concept projects.

Our research papers are read by the world's top airlines: