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I know Iztok as a person who is passionate about aviation and with a clear vision on how to bring travel information to the passenger. The rare combination of both marketing knowledge as well as in-depth IT knowledge make him the prefect man for the job. Love working with him and hope to continue to do so.
Job Heimerikx, CEO, AirFi
I’ve worked with Iztok on various triggered email initiatives at Vehicle Rent for the least year. I have continuously been impressed by his attention to detail, responsiveness, and expertise in the realm of conversion rate optimization for eCommerce. He combines a deep understanding of customer needs with expert-level knowledge of digital tactics that have a real impact on the bottom line of his business.
Mike Arsenault, Founder at Rejoiner
Iztok displays an exceptional technical competence and is up to date with the most advanced advertisement solutions. Thanks to Iztok, Adria website has been improved dramatically:
  • Visits increased by 55%
  • Revenue increased by 77%
  • Conversion rate improved by 27%
Yvan Fornes, Business Analytics Consultant at Amadeus
I have had the pleasure to work with Iztok both when he was an Executive at Adria Airways and also recently at Diggintravel. Iztok is a talented airline industry digital marketing expert. What distinguishes him from his peers is the combination of his marketing expertise with a deep technical aptitude. He is able to take high level business strategy concepts and convert them into pragmatic IT delivery plans. Iztok has an insatiable appetite to learn and settles for nothing short of success.
Brent Arslaner, VP Global Sales at Switchfly, Inc.