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Lucas Hirschegger

Use this calculator to calculate the potential for your upselling and cross-selling process

Use this calculator to calculate your upselling and cross-selling potential. You can read more about upselling and cross-selling upselling and cross-selling here. The calculator has two functions; in the first part you can determine the potential revenue from upselling your product bundle, and the second part will help you understand the effect of à-la-carte product upselling.

Instructions (bundle upsell):

  1. Input your baseline figures (number of customers, upsell values for medium and high products).
  2. Set the distribution and upsell rates with the slider.
  3. Check the total bundle product upsell revenue and total revenue per customer.

Instructions (à-la-carte upsell):

  1. Input your customer baseline.
  2. Set the à-la-carte product value and à-la-carte product uptake percentage.
  3. Check the total à-la-carte product revenue and à-la-carte revenue per customer.

Bundle upsell

Set baseline:

range slider

Your results:





Upsell revenue:



Upsell revenue:

Total Bundle Upsell Revenue

Bundle Upsell per Customer

A-la-cart upsell

Set baseline:

Your results:

A-la-cart product Revenue:

A-la-cart upsell per Customer:

Lucas Hirschegger
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