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Evolution of Airline Digital Optimization and CRO Team

This podcast talk is special! We started our Airline Digital Optimization survey back in 2017 to help people who work in airline digital optimization and CRO with valuable resources and industry benchmarks. I personally met many great friends along the way, including airline digital experts like Eveline Lee from Scoot and Ismael Monzon, a CRO and analytics expert at Air Europa, who supported our research from...

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Airline Digital Talks Eveline Lee Scoot Airlines

As we do every year, the beginning of the year is reserved for our airline industry digital benchmarks. We're finalizing our 2023 Airline Digital Optimization survey results and plan to publish the 2023 Yearbook in the following weeks. While survey and self-assessment are a huge – and the most visible – part of our airline digital optimization research, talking to airline digital leaders is just as...

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How to Build a Modern Airline Digital Experience

Why is building a modern airline digital experience so hard? Why are we as an industry still, so often, moving slowly and working in long RFP and procurement cycles when it comes to digital platforms? Is there a better, faster way to improve your digital experience and implement new digital solutions? And most importantly – if the answer to my previous question is “yes” – how and...

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Build your airline digital product team

I’ve wanted to have this chat about how to grow your airline digital product team for a long time. Why? Because many times I get this question from airline digital leaders: “Where do we go from here? How do we grow our digital team to do things faster and at larger scale?” To give you some of the answers, I talked to an experienced digital leader who...

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Predicting the future of travel

It's been almost three years since we started the Diggintravel Podcast, bringing you insights from the smartest airline and travel industry leaders. My first podcast guest was Lennart Dobravsky from Lufthansa Innovation Hub, and when I looked up our podcast download statistics, I saw that to date, that talk remains our most downloaded episode ever. Well, that wasn't a big surprise since Lufthansa Innovation Hub is...

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Airline Digital Optimization Maturity

The most important piece of content you can find on the Diggintravel website is our yearly industry research paper where we benchmark airline digital optimization maturity. Apart from the airline self-assessment, talking to experts who have put airline digital optimization into practice is a key part of the research and insights. So, as we get deeper into our 2023 benchmarks, you can expect more interviews with...

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Airline ancillary revenue leaders - Frontier Airlines

Welcome to our newest joint Diggintravel-Atmosphere Research “Digital Airline Cabin Talks” interview with airline ancillary revenue leaders, sponsored by SITA CrewTab. Recently, Iztok and I had the opportunity to talk with Jake Maloney, Frontier Airlines’ Senior Manager, Ecommerce. We were thrilled to speak with Jake because Frontier Airlines is a digital commerce powerhouse. In its Q1 2022 earnings release, the airline announced that it generated an...

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Airline Digital Innovation - Wizz Air

The contemporary airline business is among the business world’s most digitally-based, digitally-focused, and digitally-intense. It was, therefore, a privilege and pleasure for Iztok and me to have the opportunity to chat with Wizz Air’s Head of Digital Transformation and Innovation, Michaela Hermans, for our series of interviews about airline digital retailing sponsored by SITA. Michaela joined Wizz Air in June 2021, following a career that includes...

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Building innovative airline digital products Southwest Airlines

I've been doing airline digital research and benchmarks for years now. My biggest learning from our research is that airlines who are good at all the things we benchmark (analytics, UX and user research, experimentation) are the ones who really build innovative airline digital products. In a nutshell, digital optimization and experimentation is all about being customer centric. You need to understand your customers so you...

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Airline Digital Cabin Talks - on Diggintravel Podcast

Welcome to the third episode of the Airline Digital Cabin Talks, sponsored by SITA CrewTab. We’re pleased to have Viktorija Kucerova, Senior Consultant, Marketing, Strategy, and Sustainability at SITA, as our guest for our third conversation. For this podcast, Iztok and I decided to make a slight adjustment to our format. Unlike our first two podcasts, where we brought you two great guests with tons of...

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