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Predicting the future of travel

It's been almost three years since we started the Diggintravel Podcast, bringing you insights from the smartest airline and travel industry leaders. My first podcast guest was Lennart Dobravsky from Lufthansa Innovation Hub, and when I looked up our podcast download statistics, I saw that to date, that talk remains our most downloaded episode ever. Well, that wasn't a big surprise since Lufthansa Innovation Hub is...

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2022 Airline Digital Optimization Yearbook

Diggintravel is your best resource for ecommerce and digital benchmarks. For the fourth straight year, Diggintravel conducted an airline survey to understand airline digital maturity when it comes to various parts of digital optimization: digital team setup, digital optimization skills, user and UX research activities, digital analytics, experimentation & A/B testing, digital optimization tools, internet booking engine flexibility and organizational support for digital optimization. Below you...

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Building great travel digital products, Booking.com case

I was in the middle of my podcast talk with Lukas Vermeer, Director of Experimentation at Booking.com, when it hit me. We were talking about how experimentation helps you build better travel digital products when Lukas said something really powerful. Rolling out features is not the goal. Solving customer problems is the goal. And we don’t know which of the features that we’re rolling out are actually...

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2021 Airline Digital Trends report by Diggintravel

The goal of this paper is to provide you with insights into key 2021 airline digital trends that will define the airline industry in the future. What is the best way to learn what will be the key 2021 airline digital trends? Probably to ask the airline industry’s digital leaders themselves. At the beginning of January 2021, I reached out to more than 20 airline digital leaders and...

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2021 Travel Industry Outlook with Mauricio Prieto

When I was thinking about what the first article and podcast in 2021 should be, the choice was quite easy. It had to be the 2021 travel industry outlook – more specifically, a look into the future of travel distribution. Why? The first reason is that everybody is intrigued with how the future of travel distribution and retailing will look, especially in the post-pandemic world. The second reason...

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The Future of Airline Marketing and Digital Product Development

"It's GREAT… BUT I don't think it's the right time to invest in airline marketing education." "Looks really COOL… BUT unfortunate timing as most airlines have cut their training budget." You've probably seen that we just launched a brand new Airline Digital Retailing Academy. During the design phase, I reached out to more than 100 different airline professionals to get their feedback. I wanted to hear what airline...

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State of airline ecommerce - key highlights

If you want to deep dive into the state of airline ecommerce, you've come to the right place. Diggintravel is your best resource for ecommerce and digital optimization benchmarks. For the third straight year, we conducted an airline survey to understand airline ecommerce maturity when it comes to various parts of digital optimization: team setup, skills, user and UX research activities, digital analytics, experimentation & A/B...

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Henry Harteveltd talks about airline industry trends 2020-2021

I didn't want this to be just another airline industry trends 2020-2021 article. (You know, the one where we write about the "unprecedented times" and add a chart to show how bookings have fallen off compared to last year.) Instead, to see what questions airline industry professionals are asking themselves right now, we asked you. Together with my colleague and fellow travel analyst Henry Harteveldt, I reached...

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Diggintravel podcast talk about the future of airline distribution and retailing

"What will change? How do you see things happening now impacting the future of airline distribution?" I got this question recently when I was talking to a friend who works for a big European airline. Same as all of us at the moment, I didn't have a clear answer. Everybody knows things are going to change. The key question is not “will things change?”, but “how much...

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Diggintravel 2019 Digital Retailing survey brings you the latest airline industry trends

Do you want to know the latest airline industry trends? Is generating more ancillary revenue still a top priority for airlines? Why do airlines want to become like OTAs, and why are some airlines talking about becoming digital companies? How good exactly are airlines at becoming real digital retailers? If you want to know answers to the above questions, then look no further! Latest Airline Industry Trends Provided by 45...

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